Editor's Note

A new chapter

Alumni Association seeking input on updated governance
By: Carolle de Ste-Croix (’90)

Is there anything more thrilling than the sweet victory of crossing an item off your to-do list? I swear, each time I do it, there’s a dopamine party in my brain! As the executive director of the Mount Allison Alumni Board for over 17 years, I’ve had my fair share of list triumphs. But this year, I’m gearing up for the grand finale of list-scratching: the review of the Alumni Board governance documents. This isn’t any old item; it's like the boss level in the video game of administrative tasks.

This monumental task was a key goal of our 2022-2025 Mount Allison Alumni Engagement Strategic Plan. The Governance Committee, led by Rob MacQueen (’85) and including Youji Cheng (’17), Cathy Hayman (’89), Christy DeMont (’80), Charlotte Henderson (’16), and Jennie Henderson (’03), has been laser-focused since November 2023 on this mission. Our aim? To ensure these critical documents reflect our current and future aspirations, not just sit there gathering dust like old yearbooks.

We’ve now rolled out these revamped documents online, and we ask that you please review them and share your feedback with us ahead of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September 2024. Why is this so crucial, you ask? Well, effective governance in an organization is like having a good GPS in your car; it keeps you on track and stops you from driving off a cliff. It’s about clarity, direction, and not getting lost in the bureaucratic woods.

The documents reviewed are more than just paperwork. They’re our commitment to being transparent, inclusive, and top-notch.

They include:

As alumni, our connection to Mount Allison goes beyond tossing those graduation caps in the air. These governance changes are us laying down stronger foundations, making sure our Association stays as sturdy as the sandstone buildings on campus.

So, dive in these documents, throw in your two cents, and make your voice heard before the AGM. Your involvement is crucial. Feedback can be sent by email to alumni@mta.ca

In closing, a massive shout-out to the Governance Committee for their dedication and hard work. Their efforts ensure that the spirit of Mount Allison not only endures but flourishes. And for me, personally, ticking this off my to-do list will be as satisfying as finding an open parking spot right in front of your building. You know the feeling.


Carolle de Ste-Croix (’90)
Director of Alumni Engagement and Editor of the Record