In Memoriam

Departed Allisonians Winter 2024

The following list is compiled from information sent to University Advancement September 16, 2023 – January 15, 2024

Please feel welcome to submit memories of departed Allisonians you have known and loved, and we will be happy to share short tributes in the Record.


Mary B Coates — 1944
Dorothy E. Rowe — 1946
Donna W. Cameron — 1949
Nancy J. Williamson — 1949
Marion F. Cameron — 1949
Robert M. Butt — 1950
George C. Fawcett — 1951
Barbara J. Darragh — 1951
Kaireen F. Allen — 1951
Hazel E. Wylie — 1952
Mary C. Lawley — 1954
Clare Nicholson — 1954
Willa J. Freeman — 1954
Betty A. Plant — 1955
Robert Zinck — 1955
James A. Florian — 1956
Steadman R. Bowers — 1956
Carol Y. Daniels — 1956
James (Bud) H. Mann — 1957
James W. Moulton — 1957
John T. Allan — 1959
Barbara Strange — 1959
John L. Leask — 1959
Allan McLeod — 1961
Elizabeth M. Learmouth — 1962
Edward C. Ross — 1964
Alvin L. Ballum — 1966
D. Alan Swan — 1967
Kenneth R. Eddy — 1967
Ruth U. Hatfield — 1967

Lois I. Gordon — 1968
Leigh L. Manning — 1970
Laurie K. Meadows — 1972
Gary T. Porter — 1973
Brian D. MacLeod — 1974
Deborah C. Enman — 1975
John C. Boutilier — 1978
Anne Wolfe — 1979
Sandra E. Fox — 1983
David P. Benevides — 1985
Stephen J. Dickinson — 1986
Lois Weatherby — 1993


Mabel Doak 
Marina Paikin 
Bruce Poole 
John Robinson 
Don Russell 
Arthur J Stone 

Former Employees

Vaughn Bosma 
Roland C. Crooks
James A Stark
Harry Wood



James (Bud) Harvey Mann (’57)
Submitted by Dawn MacNutt (’57)
James (Bud) Harvey Mann, President of the Class of 1957, died on November 25, 2023 in Markham, Ontario, a few days before his 89th birthday.

He was a friend to all, especially at Mount A, where he earned his Commerce Degree and was an active member of the student community. Bud’s desire to stay connected with his classmates contributed to the success of the ‘57 Class reunions. Their high attendance is credited to his efforts to insure everyone possible was contacted and encouraged to come... and it worked!

He was a clear choice for the Charles Frederick Allison Award in 2016 for his contributions to Mount A and his work on the Class of ’57 Pratt Lectures project. When he was challenged by Parkinson’s in recent years, his passion for Mount A was supported by his beloved wife Ruth, the love of his life. He leaves behind Ruth, three sons, six grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. His granddaughter, Sydney followed in his footsteps and graduated from Mount Allison in 2015 with a BSc in Psychology.

View the recording of his service.

Throughout the service, one can see his Flying A jacket hung to the left of the screen. 

Bye, Bud... see you later!

Dr. Phil Bagnell (’63)

Dr. Philip Bagnell left a lasting mark on the medical community and beyond. Renowned for his elemental force, dignity, and essential honour, Phil's legacy as the former Dean of Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University reflects a career filled with compassion and dedication. Originally from Sydney, NS, Phil met his lifelong love, Heather, at Mount Allison.

After graduating from Dalhousie Medical School in 1968, Phil launched his career as a family physician in New Glasgow, NS, later specializing in Pediatric Gastroenterology. He started the first Pediatric residency program in East Tennessee in 1991, earning accolades from the United States Congress for his contributions.

After retiring in 2013, Phil embraced his role as “Papa,” finding joy in the achievements of his grandchildren. In his final days, he faced his battle with cancer with the same grace and honour that defined his life.

Robert (Bob) Lutes ('69)
Submitted by Jane Lutes ('70)

This spring convocation will bring the Class of ‘69 together for their 55th reunion. Class President, Bob Lutes, passed away August 10, 2023, but there is no doubt his spirit will be quite present. A Truman West man, Bob formed lifelong friendships with his endless commitment to Mount A. Those in the Class of ‘70 will remember him as the driving force behind Frosh Week. Bob’s love of sports drove him to be a member of the varsity soccer team, and intermural hockey. As a member of Men’s Council he sought to find fairness on campus.

Bob went on to do a law degree at UNB and following graduation in 1973 moved to London, England, where he did his Masters of Law at King’s College.

Law opened the door for Bob to do extraordinary work, both nationally and internationally. Bob’s work as Senior Crown Prosecutor in the area of Young Offenders gave him voice a reason behind the new Youth Criminal Justice Act. Not only was he was seconded by the RCMP to crisscross Canada educating their members regarding this new legislation, but was then invited to be part of a five year project examining Russia’s treatment of young offenders.

In 2015 Bob was chosen to be part of a team revising Ukraine’s legislation with regards to young offenders in the hopes of Ukraine gaining membership into NATO. Unfortunately the work did not move fast enough as we are witnessing today.

A leader in the Wolfville community, Bob’s involvement in coaching hockey, initiating sledge hockey, his tireless efforts to bring some semblance of reason with inappropriate student behaviour and residents of Wolfville, garnered him Volunteer of the Year Award. A Celebration of Life will be held May 25th at the Fountain Commons Centre on Acadia Campus from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Deborah Enman (’75)
Submitted by John Brannen ('12)

Deborah Enman (née Wickens) left Cape Sable Island, NS to attend Mount Allison in 1972. A passion for the French language was passed on by her father George as she studied and honoured in French. While at Mount A, Deborah immersed herself in events and activities including the new theatre company on campus, Tintamarre. It was there she met Jim (‘74), fell in love, and as they say... on connaît la suite de l'histoire! After Mount A, she earned a Bachelor of Education degree from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax and taught French Immersion for many years in Halifax and on the South Shore.

Deborah was a devoted wife to Jim, mother to Joseph, Bethany, and Jesse, and sister to Fred, Ede, Martha, and Barbara. She was a person of faith, family, and community wherever she went. She loved music, books, jigsaw puzzles, Hallmark movies, Blue Jays baseball, and any opportunity to speak French with someone. I know that our conversations inspired me in part to choose Mount Allison and for that, I am forever grateful to my aunt.