When passion meets purpose

New Director of Development Marcie Meekins (’12) on the joy and impact of fundraising
By: Marcie Meekins (’12), Director of Development

I’m not sure any child dreams of becoming a fundraiser when they grow up. It is not a profession that commonly appears in aptitude tests or that guidance counsellors promote. However, those of us who find ourselves working in fundraising can confirm the truly gratifying nature of a career in development.

We establish meaningful connections with individuals, fostering strong relationships that enable us to align their philanthropic goals with suitable opportunities, all while maximizing their impact. When connected with the right groups and individuals, even a small idea from a donor can grow exponentially.

What makes working in development truly special is discovering an organization that resonates deeply with your passions. Our Mount Allison community is outstanding. Whether through giving their time, talent, treasure, testimony, or a combination of the above, we can always count on alumni and friends of the University to be there, especially when it matters most.

Seeing the impact of this generosity on a daily basis is awe-inspiring. It is why I choose to give. Mount Allison continues to help elevate the lives of our students and we all have a part to play in carrying this legacy forward.

Together, we build a better Mount Allison.

Marcie Meekins (’12)
Director of Development