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Alumni events and gatherings

Allisonians gather in-person and virtually

While alumni events changed course due to COVID-19, many Allisonians gathered virtually over the last few months.

Class of 1986-88 — May 2020

Top row (l-r): Tracey Bennett (’85), Taffy (Stephanie) Miller (’87), Peter Hess (’88)

Second row (l-r): Aga Khan (’87) (also Karen Andrews (’87), not pictured), Anna Doering (’86), Sally Dibblee (’88), (Chris Lynn (’87), not pictured)

Third row (l-r): Sue Love (’86), Todd Williams (’86), Denise Daigle (86)

Bottom row (l-r): Jennifer Miller (’86), (Tim Smith (’86), not pictured), Tracy Kempton (’86)

Class of 1980 Virtual Reunion — May 6, 2020

Class of 80 Virtual Reunion

Attendees included: Norval McConnell, Johannes (Hannes) Sauerteig, Penny Taylor, Peter White (’79), Phil Fine, Wendy (Foran) Tobin, Darlene Warren, Chris Fraser, Beth Kavanagh, Susan Beaubien, Blair Lawrence, Diana Sonnichsen, Jocelyn Ryan Wiggin, Jol Hunter, Susan Paterson, Ken Young, Anne DeWolfe, Christy DeMont, Richard Connors, Susan Logan, Kimberly Jeffs, Heather (Winter) Murray, Heather (Milton) Hennigar, Donna Grant, Rod Blank, Jennifer Watts, Joe Clements, Jane Craighead, Kendra Nurse, Doug Alexander, Kathie Wheadon

Class of 1974-75 Virtual Reunion — May 16, 2020

Attendees included: Peter Luscombe (’74), Leslie MacIntyre, Iain Smith (’75), Bob and Marie Braedley (’74), Shirley Carras (’75), Debbie Scoffield (’75), Sheila Blagrave (’75), Marilyn MacDonald (’75), Harry Lamont (’75), Jim Carpenter (’75), Pam MacKay (’75), Sandra Lowman (’74), George Inman (’75), William DeGrace (’75), Mark Chase (’75), Steve Riddlington (’75), Jack Christie (’74), Ken and Jeanne Stright (’74), Alice MacDonald (’75), Patti Smith, Val McBridge, Arthur Smith (’75), Carol Hamlyn (’74), Sandy McIver, (’74), Jack Rhind (’74), Lisa Rhind (’74)

There were also a few in-person Alumni events held before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Halifax Young Alumni Network Presents: Craft Brewery Tasting Tour — March 12, 2020 (see banner image above)

Back row (l-r): Youji Cheng (’17), Jamie Patterson (’16), Rayan Bouhlel (’15), Jacob Bragg (’17), Jen Frail (’17), Sarah Coleman (’17), Cydney Kane (’17), Katie Scott (’17), Sydney Young (’18)

Front row (l-r): Jenna MacKinnon (’16), Allison Watkins (’15), Shae Sampson (’17), Eric Donovan (Alumni Engagement Office)


Young Commerce Alumni Reception in Toronto, ON — March 12, 2020


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