In Memoriam

Departed Allisonians Winter 2018

Compiled from information sent to University Advancement from September 16, 2017-January 15, 2018

Please feel welcome to submit memories of departed Allisonians you have known and loved.

Margaret (Mardie) G. (Read) Smith — 1938
Louise A. (English) Calder — 1939
Ethel C. (Ferguson) Dillon — 1941
Russell A. MacKinlay — 1943
N. Jean (MacDonald) MacDonald — 1944
Donald I. Olafsen — 1944
Leonard B. Kirsh — 1945
Rosemary A. (Savary) Knox — 1945
Kenneth MacRitchie — 1947
D. Sanford (Sandy) Scott — 1947
Doris I. (Pridham) Peters — 1948
Carol D. (Joyce) Proctor — 1948
Fern E. (Hatto) Anderson — 1949
Norma E. (Hatherly) Langille — 1949
Jack R. Lutes — 1949
Margaret A. (MacDonald) Hamilton — 1950
Paul J. Johnson — 1950
Margaret E. (Fraser) Murray — 1950
Erwin Epstein — 1950
Robb Colborne — 1951
Allison "Al" M. Turner — 1951
C. Isabelle (Ferguson) Ainslie — 1952
Thomas R. Foote — 1953
Ronald E. Ford — 1953
Ian G. Stothart — 1953
Blenis J. Nicholson — 1954
Joan C. (Dickson) Scott — 1954
Mary R. (Gass) Shephard — 1954
Marjorie Alma (Trevors) Baker — 1955
John Maxwell "Max" Henderson — 1955
Thomas V. Buffett — 1956
Kathleen (Webb) Merrifield — 1956
David A. Stewart — 1956
Dorothy C. (Whiting) Hannam — 1957
Vivian H. (Mumby) Sullivan — 1957
Steve Czapalay — 1958
Alma H. (Porter) Schora — 1958
Deanna (Bell) Merriam — 1959
Nora L. Goreham —1960
John (Jack) G. Ross — 1960
Dennis W. MacDonald — 1961
Anne B. (Geldart) McCabe — 1961
Peter C. Rand — 1963
Dianne L. Reid—Rolf — 1963
Alexander (Sandy) A. Coffin — 1965
Kevin "Tom" Farrell — 1965
Richard Crozier — 1966
Winston N. Roberts — 1966
Austin I. Blondon — 1967
Bonita A. (Beals) Jones — 1967
Richard P. Newton — 1969
Linda G. (Moore) Keirstead — 1970
David N. Muise — 1971
Mildred "Millie" (Pulsifer) Burrows — 1972
Heather A. (Tucker) Weldon — 1972
Mary (Grant) Wells — 1976
Lottie M. Austin — 1978
Eric W. Smith — 1978
Ruth L. Somerville — 1979
David A. MacRitchie — 1983
Robert "Bobby" J. Kaine — 1988
Deborah L. (Gluney) Delorme — 1997
Jason S. Bunbury — 2004
Shannon A. Mitchell — 2007
Jennifer L. Jensen — 2011
Rakai M. Augustus — 2013
Yang Tan — 2013
Samantha L. Hogan — 2014
Mitchell A. Richard — 2017

A. Lois (Naylor) Bardwell — Former staff
Lorne P. Booth — Former staff
Pat (Crossman) Lekas — Former staff

Dr. Brian Ash — Former faculty
Dr. Eldon R. Hay — Former faculty

Brian C. Carty — Parent

John C. Manning — Friend
Dr. James R. Perkin — Friend

The Very Reverend Dr. Sang Chul Lee (LLD '90) — Honorary degree recipient

Dianne Lynn Reid—Rolf ('63)
Submitted by Norma (Wheeler) Ellis ('63)

Dianne died peacefully on Aug. 14, 2017 at the Foyer Lacombe Hospice Centre in St Albert, AB, following a massive stroke in late April. She was born and grew up in Gagetown Village, NB.

Dianne and I began our studies to become dietitians in the now defunct Home Economics program at Mount A in 1959. While doing so Dianne joined the ROTP (Air Force) and in her third year transferred to the University of Alberta, returning to Mount A for her final year to graduate with our Class of 1963.

In order to complete our qualifications both of us arrived in Montreal — Dianne at the Royal Victoria Hospital and me at the Montreal General. Upon graduation in May 1964 Dianne embarked on her military career, stationed at several bases and finally in Germany. Returning to Canada in 1969 she pursued a Master of Science (Applied Human Nutrition) at the University of Guelph where I was finishing my first year. It was here that my supervisor asked me whether I had read her thesis and commented, "she hasn't left a stone unturned."

Following graduation, she joined the faculty in the Food and Nutrition department at University of Alberta. Later she returned to Ontario to study at OISE (The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education). This led her to pursue various positions as a counsellor and eventually led back to Alberta.

Dianne was meticulous in all that she undertook. This included the manner in which she connected to anyone including colleagues, students, and clients. She was an amazing and steadfast friend. She was also fun and a conversation, whether in person or on the telephone, usually included laughter. In my last conversation with her just before Easter she was gleefully giving me firm advice as to how to solve an issue in my life.

Dianne married Ron Rolf in October of 2002 acquiring a new family that she loved and enjoyed. She "lived her life with quiet determination and dedication to her loving family, cherished friends, and spiritual faith community."