Celebrating the past and turning a new page

Mount Allison announces endowment of the Campbell-Verduyn Fund
By: Dr. Jeff Ollerhead, Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research

Dr. Robert Campbell and Dr. Christl Verduyn have been part of the Allisonian family for a long time. Many alumni may remember the announcement of the 14th Mount Allison President and Vice-Chancellor in 2006, in a world before iPhones, Netflix, and only the early days of social media.

Twelve years is a particularly long time in the life of a University. At Mount Allison, for Robert and Christl, it works out to about 5,000 graduates; three Chancellors; six Board chairs; 12 Convocations; 108 meetings of Senate; one $96-million fund raising campaign; too many world-renowned guest speakers, authors, and activists visiting campus to count; and two Orders of Canada.

Christl and Robert have provided support for hundreds of worthy projects and initiatives during their time at Mount Allison through the Campbell-Verduyn Fund. Established in December 2006, the Fund has had a huge impact on student life over the past 12 years.

This spring, thanks to the generosity of many Allisonians, including alumni, faculty, staff, and Board of Regents members, Mount Allison was pleased to announce that the Campbell-Verduyn Fund is now an endowed fund. It will continue to help support student life initiatives on campus for generations to come.

As we prepare to enter an exciting new chapter on campus this year, we thank Drs. Campbell and Verduyn — Robert and Christl —for their many contributions to Mount Allison.

Jeff Ollerhead
Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research