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Introducing the Maple League

Maple League of Universities next step in partnership between four liberal arts universities

In November, the U4 League — Acadia, Bishop’s, Mount Allison, and St. Francis Xavier Universities — announced the next step in its alliance: it is now known as the Maple League of Universities.

The U4 League was formed in May 2013 as an association of four small, residential, primarily undergraduate universities in three provinces committed to the model of liberal education and sharing a unique and extraordinary undergraduate learning experience.

“The Maple League brings together four of Canada’s most historic and prestigious universities in a united, co-operative enterprise,” says Mount Allison President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Robert Campbell. “We want to encourage young students to understand, and indeed to experience, the fact that our unique and differentiated schools offer Canada’s best undergraduate education.”

Working collaboratively allows the universities to expand the breadth and depth of the opportunities they provide for students. Initiatives have included live streaming talks by prominent speakers to all four campuses and holding joint academic conferences and student competitions. The universities are also beginning to offer opportunities for students to take select courses hosted by other Maple League universities without leaving their own campuses.

The Maple League also enhances opportunities for faculty research and innovative teaching collaborations. Professional development opportunities are also being explored for staff at each university.

“We believe that we offer the best undergraduate experiences in Canada and we are determined to get even better,” says Michael Goldbloom, Principal of Bishop’s University and Chair of the Maple League Presidents’ Group. “We are confident that this alliance will continue to grow to the benefit of our students and to the benefit of higher education in Canada.”

Photo caption: From left, Bishop's University Principal and Vice-Chancellor Michael Goldbloom, Acadia University President and Vice-Chancellor Ray Ivany, Mount Allison University President and Vice-Chancellor Robert Campbell, and St. Francis Xavier University President and Vice-Chancellor Kent MacDonald.