In Memoriam

Departed Allisonians Winter 2017

Compiled from information sent to University Advancement from Sept. 16, 2016-Dec. 15, 2016

Please feel welcome to submit memories of departed Allisonians you have known and loved.

Charles G. McLeod — 1936
Ruth G. (McCracken) Kelsey — 1937  
James A. Sterns — 1938
E. Jean (Stewart) Cunningham — 1941
Grace ‘Ruth’ (Baker) Macaulay — 1943
Phyllis E.M. (MacLean) Brown — 1944
Helen E. (McWhirter) Campbell — 1944  
Morris Perchanok — 1945
D. Joy (Smith) Johns — 1946  
Douglas S. Moffatt — 1946
Leslie Kay — 1949
Ellen E. (MacKay) Rogers — 1949
Phyllis (Dernier) Thornton — 1949
Angus J. MacDonald — 1950
Douglas C. Eagles — 1952  
Betty J. (Sears) Jones — 1952
Gertrude (LeBoutillier) Mabey — 1955
Leonard  E. St. Hill — 1955
Raymond M. Bell — 1956
Wendell E. Fulton — 1956
Russell F. Burns — 1957
Peter S. Flieger — 1959  
Eileen (Stavert) Meillon — 1960
Shirley (Buck) Dallin — 1963  
Valeda E. (MacLeod) Fisher — 1963
Ian G. Wright — 1963
Barbara (Oliver) Hagerman — 1965  
Heather (Gray) Lewis — 1967
Weldon L. Matthews — 1971
Stuart J. Burbine — 1975  
Mary (Williamson) Eliot — 1977
Patricia R. O’Connell — 1979
Timothy Malcolm Brown — 1984  
Derek Lawson — 1993

Cyril F. Poole — Honorary Degree recipient

Mariette Hofland — Former Employee

Gerald “Roy” Pond — Former Faculty

Sheelagh A. Callaghan — Parent
Kendra L. Power — Parent

T. Alexander Hickman — Friend
Muriel G. Purdy — Friend

Elizabeth Shelley Wild (’77)
Submitted by Diane (MacVicar) O’Connor (’75)

I met Shelley in the Student Union coffee shop one afternoon in 1974 and from then on we became fast friends. We went on to be housemates (or “townies”), living one year in a ramshackle old place on King Street and then finally in a wonderful house on York Street known as the Greenhouse. We always called ourselves, and those who lived with us, the Greenhouse Girls and for many years after graduating we would hold Greenhouse Reunions with the most recent being held in 2015 in St. John’s, NL with Karen Trollope Kumar (’77) and Alice Gaudine (’77). These reunions were much anticipated and enjoyed as we shared memories and laughter over many cups of tea and cake!

Shelley had an infectious laugh and a wonderful smile that lit up the room. She was a world traveller, often spending her winters in her favourite second home, Australia. While in Canada, she lived in a beautiful lakeside house in Bobcaygeon, where she enjoyed the sights and sounds of nature.

Shelley’s sudden passing by accident this summer was a terrible blow to her family and friends, but she will be forever remembered and missed by all who knew her.