The Keeper of the Stories

The Record, the cornerstone of all things Allisonian
By: David Mawhinney, Mount Allison Archivist

When I was approached to write The Last Word for this issue of the Record I was initially unsure about what to say. Then, two sets of visitors to the Archives helped me to narrow my focus. In both cases, none of the people had a connection to Mount Allison but they had relatives who did. They wanted to see names in print, view a photograph, know what the campus looked like, or find some other link that connected their family member to this place. Then, they wanted to learn more about the Mount Allison story. Why had this institution been founded? What made it special? Why would their relative choose to come to Sackville?

More often than not, I am able to find answers in the pages of 100 years of story-making and telling.

The Mount Allison Record has been a way to connect Allisonians since its inception. It has memorialized those who went off to war, given us news from the campus, and told of births, marriages, and deaths of those whose lives had taken them elsewhere. Truly it is the tie that binds generations of people who studied, worked, or taught here.

As the keeper of the stories I could not imagine trying to do my job without the contents of this venerable publication. It is a cornerstone of all things Allisonian. I am deeply indebted to the contributors, photographers, and editors for their work over the last century. Their labours have ensured that generations of students to come and those who wish you remembered them will find the fabric of their lives recorded here for posterity. Thank you to all those who have made it happen!

David Mawhinney
Mount Allison University Archivist