Board Notes

Archival committee

Preserving and celebrating Mount Allison's records of achievements
By: Anna Abbott ('04) – Chair of the Alumni Board Archival Committee

As time and technology ever progress so must our little University consistently adapt. The needs of students and campus are always shifting, and the changes made to accommodate are a dynamic, but nonetheless regular, part of Mount A life. To track this history, and preserve our progress as it unfolds, the archival committee has undertaken several recent projects.

To recognize one of our earliest and most eminent alumni, we drummed up attention for our beloved Grace Annie Lockhart as we campaigned for her to receive recognition in the Bank of Canada’s BankNOTEable campaign earlier this March. She became one of the 461 women from Canadian history deemed worthy to qualify for this honour.

In addition to this, a reception was held on Sept. 18 in memory of the 100th anniversary of her passing. At her burial place in PEI, President Robert Campbell and University archivist David Mawhinney were both present at this well-attended event. The latter shared a touching presentation about Grace’s life that included new biographical information provided by her family.

The Echo project has now been completed. Before the doors of the Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts is a charming new sitting space to recognize the former Memorial Library.

This piece honours a slice of Mount Allison’s architectural history, as well as the lives of our student soldiers from the First World War.

Architecture and veterans were a continuing theme at Reunion in May. Last year’s popular dramatic reading of WWI Argosy excerpts, Allisonians at War, premiered a second lively installment, under the direction of professor emeritus Alex Fancy (’61). The works of architect John Leroux and Professor Thaddeus Holownia debuted at the book launch for their historical piece, A Vision of Wood and Stone – the Architecture of Mount Allison University.

The grad classes have reinstated the time-capsule projects, keeping a tradition to look forward to alive.

To commemorate the history that gets made here everyday, the archivist has undertaken the task of archiving 100 years of issues from the Record. The magazine first celebrated its centennial anniversary in May with the launch of this digital edition and is pleased to provide a look back in this issue.

Now, working with David Mawhinney, all former publications will be preserved digitally. To put it cheekily, the school will possess a comprehensive record of the Record.

Anna Abbott (’04)
Chair of the Alumni Board Archival Committee