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This program aims to equip students with expertise and foundational skills in the fields of both biology and psychology. A truly interdisciplinary program, Biopsychology will allow students to study the strong links between human and animal biology and neuropsychology, with a focus on how physiology affects behavior and, in turn, how behavior influences physiology. From a biological standpoint, students will develop a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in anatomy, physiology, behaviour, and genetics. From a psychological standpoint, students will explore the biological and neural basis of the mind and behavior, and contextualize these phenomena within a social and cognitive framework. Studied together, each discipline illuminates salient aspects of the other, and gives learners the opportunity to cultivate and integrate meaningful connections and cross-disciplinary skills.

Interdisciplinary B.Sc. Programs

MAJOR in Biopsychology is 75 credits earned as follows:

6from PSYC 1001, 1011
6from BIOL 1001, 1501
3from BIOC 1001
3 from MATH 1111, 1151
3from MATH 1121, 1251, 1311, 2211, 2221, COMP 1631
3from CHEM 1001, PHYS 1041, PHYS 1051
9from BIOL 2101, 2401, 2811
3from PSYC 2001
3from BIOL 2701, PSYC 2011
3 from PSYC 2101
3from PSYC 2121, 2201, 2431, 2601, 2611
6from BIOL 3211, 3221
6from PSYC 3101, 3211, 3141
15from the following, including at least 6 credits from BIOL and 6 credits from PSYC: BIOL 3401, 3201, 3621, 3631, 3651, 3661, 3751, 4101, 4211, 4221, 4311, 4621, 4711, PSYC 3001, 3111, 3141, 3151, 3201, 3221, 3311, 3331, 3511, 3421, 4101, 4201, 4411, 4601, 4611, 4801
3from BIPS 4121

Note:  Students are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary prerequisites for elective courses.

Note:  Biopsychology majors cannot double major in Biology or Psychology or minor in Biology or Psychology

HONOURS in Biopsychology is 87 credits earned as follows:

75as in the Major, plus:
9from PSYC 4903, 4990 OR BIOL 4903, 4990
3from PSYC 3001, BIOL 2701, BIOL 4711 OR from another 3/4000 level course in Psychology or Biology, chosen in consultation with the Honours supervisor

Note:  Students are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary prerequisites for elective courses.

Note:  Biopsychology Honours students cannot minor in Biology or Psychology.


Note:  The listing of a course in the Calendar is not a guarantee that the course is offered every year.

Note:  Students must obtain a grade of at least C- in all courses used to fulfill prerequisite requirements. Otherwise, written permission of the appropriate Department Head or Program Co-ordinator must be obtained.

Advanced Topics in Biopsychology Neuroscience

Prereq: Fourth- year standing in a Biopsychology Major or Honours Program
This capstone course in the Biopsychology program integrates knowledge obtained throughout the Biopsychology degree. With an emphasis on discussion of the primary literature, this course explores advanced topics in Biopsychology with a focus on the physiological, psychological, evolutionary, and genetic link between the brain and behavior. (Note 1: This course is only open to students in the Biopsychology Program) (Format: Seminar 3 Hours)