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Community engaged learning combines community partnerships with academic instruction and critical reflection to create a rich and deep learning experience for students as they transform communities and come to understand what civic and social responsibility means in the 21st century.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options:

  • Any degree, minor in Community Engaged Learning
  • Undergraduate certificate in Community Engaged Learning

The Community Engaged Learning (CENL) program at Mount Allison introduces the basic dispositions, principles, and practices of community engaged learning. At the same time, the program places you in community settings as a required element of academic courses or a voluntary co-curricular placement where you will work with others to address a community-identified need. These settings are our classrooms.

Students learn how to:

  • navigate complex community histories and contexts
  • recognize the importance of equity and diversity
  • collaborate with community partners
  • explore your own personal values in relation to social justice

Students progress through the program participating in sustained partnerships, such as those with local K-12 schools, environmental organizations, and non-profits dedicated to working with marginalized groups.

The program helps students to build on expertise that they develop in their main area of study, allowing you to put your knowledge into action. To this end, the program is interdisciplinary, incorporating a range of courses from around the University.

Community Engaged Learning is also complementary by exploring connections with numerous subjects, including:

  • Canadian arts and culture
  • Community planning research
  • Gender, culture, and identity
  • Indigenous studies
  • Philosophy and ethics
  • Religious studies
  • Sociology of communities

The Community Engaged Learning minor combines both theoretical and applied learning by requiring six credits of practicum courses in areas of the student's design.

A shorter, embedded undergraduate certificate* in Community Engaged Learning that includes a three-credit practicum is also available.

Find a full list of Community Engaged Learning courses in the academic calendar - Community Engaged Learning.

Not sure about the difference between a minor and a certificate?

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