Winter Orientation registration form | Mount Allison

Winter Orientation is scheduled for January 7-9, 2022.

Please note:   

  • The University will be closed for the winter holidays from December 22, 2021 (4:30pm) to January 3, 2022 (8:30am).

  • If you are a new student in residence, plan to arrive on Friday, January 7, 2022. If you arrive before then, you will need to make your own accommodation arrangements until residences re-open. Residences re-open for returning students on Saturday, January 8.

  • We will offer airport pick-up service from Moncton (YQM) starting at 9am on January 7, 2022. You must register for Winter Orientation AND send us your flight information to be added to the airport pick-up list.  Please register for Winter Orientation AND send us your flight information by January 5.  

  • If you have not yet confirmed your travel plans, leave the section blank and email us later ( with your travel details.

  • Winter Orientation includes the following meals for new off-campus students: lunch & dinner (January 8), lunch & dinner (January 9). You must register for Winter Orientation to be eligible for meals.

Before you begin to fill in this form, make sure you have:

  • date of arrival
  • flight number and arrival time, if arriving by air; approximate time of arrival if arriving by bus, train, or vehicle
  • hotel details if you require transportation to Mount Allison from your hotel
  • date you submitted your study permit application, if it has not yet been approved

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Personal information

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Travel information

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If arriving by bus or train, do you require pick-up from the bus stop or train station?

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If you would like to request transportation from your Moncton or Sackville hotel to Mount Allison on <date> or <date>, please include hotel details below:

Study permit information

If you are a citizen of a country outside Canada and you will be studying in Canada for more than six months, you require a study permit to attend Mount Allison. It is recommended that students apply for their study permit as soon as they receive their acceptance letter. To check the processing time for your country of residence visit

Have you received confirmation that your study permit application was approved?