Supplemental application form | Mount Allison

This form should be used by students with a learning disability who:

  • Have accepted their offer of admission to Mount Allison

  • And who want to receive help from The Meighen Centre while attending Mount Allison


  • The Meighen Centre Supplemental Application plus all supporting documentation must be submitted before July 31 if you plan to attend Pre-Orientation or before classes begin if you will not be attending the Pre-Orientation.

  • If you require a single room in residence you must make a written request and send it with your application for student housing. Please notify The Meighen Centre before June 1 if you wish them to support your application for a single room on the basis of your disability.

  • The Meighen Centre offers a 2.5-day Pre-Orientation prior to Orientation. For more information or to attend, visit our Pre-Orientation webpage or contact The Meighen Centre before July 31.

* Indicates required field

Permanent address

High school attended

Learning disability information

Have you ever been diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder?

Have you submitted your LD documentation to the Meighen Centre?

Did you receive support services in high school?

Were you offered support services in high school but declined to use them?

What services do you think you will need to be successful at university?

Have you considered having a single room while attending university?

Have you and your parents discussed you carrying a reduced course load while you are at university?

Canada Student Loans, Canada Study Grants, and Canada Access Grants

Will you be applying for a Canada Student Loan?

If you answered yes, are you aware of the government-funded Canada Study Grants (up to $2,000) for people with permanent disabilities and Canada Access Grants (up to $8,000) for services and equipment for students with permanent disabilities?

Are you aware that you must identify yourself as a student with a permanent disability to qualify for the above grants?

Are you interested in attending The Meighen Centre's Pre-Orientation ([date])?