The Lassonde awards, scholarships, and internships support talented students in the Pierre Lassonde School of Fine Arts. 

Awards and scholarships range from $5,000 to $15,000, and internships are supporting students working at premier arts institutions

For more information on the Lassonde awards, scholarships, and internships, visit the Pierre Lassonde School of Fine Arts

Congratulations to our 2023-24 Lassonde Scholars

Entrance Scholarships

  • Lila McHugh — Claudette MacKay Lassonde Entrance Scholarship    
  • Emma Tobin — Gibbens Lassonde Entrance Scholarship    
  • Amelia Turner — Gibbens Lassonde Entrance Scholarship

Gibbens Lassonde Performance Awards

  • Jacob Puffer — Gibbens Lassonde First-Year Performance Award        
  • Teagan Stewart — Gibbens Lassonde Second-Year Performance Award        
  • Lydia Paterson — Gibbens Lassonde Third-Year Performance Award        
  • Nasya Owens — Gibbens Lassonde Third-Year Performance Award        
  • Paige Crosby — Gibbens Lassonde Performance Award (Art History and Museum and Curatorial Studies Award)

Lassonde Curatorial Internships

  • Lydia Paterson — Confederation Centre of the Arts, Charlottetown, PE
  • Paige Crosby — Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON

Lydia Paterson


Engaging gallery experience with Lydia Paterson: Summer Student Internship 

"I've always wanted to have a career that is hands-on in some way. I have also always loved creating and this opportunity has given me the chance to do both. It has been a great experience to go to work and genuinely enjoy what you’re doing."

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Announcement of the Pierre Lassonde School of Fine Arts (February 2021)