If you have not completed your degree and have been away from your studies at Mount Allison for a period of one year or more you are considered a former student.

Should you decide that you wish to continue your degree you will need to submit a re-admission application form.

Students who were in good standing or on academic probation when they left Mount Allison are not required to pay an application fee.

If you are on academic suspension or dismissal, please submit a $20 application fee with your application and complete the former student supplementary questionnaire attached to the application form by June 15 for admission to the fall term commencing in September or by Nov. 15 for admission to winter or spring terms. Payment needs to be received by the registrar’s office prior to processing.

Official transcripts from studies undertaken during a period of absence must be submitted to be considered for re-admission. If eligible, transcripts may be considered for transfer credits.

You will be re-admitted under the academic calendar in force for the term to which you apply for re- admission. Where necessary an academic dean, in consultation with the registrar, will interpret a  student's past record in terms of the current curriculum.

Questions about remaining requirements for degree completion can be directed to the academic advisor at advisor@mta.ca.

Re-admission following graduation

After graduating from a degree program at Mount Allison you may wish to seek re-admission to the University for any of the following reasons:

  • as a candidate for a second undergraduate degree
  • as a candidate for an honours certificate
  • to upgrade your CGPA
  • to complete additional courses required for admission to a professional/graduate program of study
  • to take courses out of interest

Students who have earned a degree from Mount Allison should apply to return to studies using the  re-admission following graduation form.