Exam procedures for students                            

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic some exams are scheduled to take place in multiple locations. If your exam is scheduled in multiple locations go to the room assigned to you by your course instructor
  • All students must wear a community mask when writing an exam on campus. Non-medical face masks are mandatory in campus buildings and in all indoor spaces in the province.
  • Picture identification (preferably student ID) is required for all students writing exams. The ID is to be placed on the table, clearly visible to the invigilator
  • Only authorized aids (including electronic devices such as programmable/non-programmable calculators and electronic dictionaries) may be used by students during the writing of an exam. 
  • No telecommunication devices (e.g., phones, tablets, computers, and wearable technology) may be used unless they are a specific component of the exam as defined by the instructor
  • No sound-recording device (e.g., wearable technology and phones) may be used during an exam
  • Any unauthorized aids including phones, wearable technology, backpacks, study notes, and textbooks should be placed at the front of the exam room
  • Students are not allowed to leave the exam room during the first half hour of writing
  • Students who need to use the washroom facilities during the exam are to inform an invigilator before leaving the room
  • All instances of academic dishonesty during examinations are subject to the procedures and sanctions contained in academic calendar regulation 10.6
  • Reporting of grades — please refer to  academic calendar regulation 10.9.2 

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