Go Global Canada
2, 3, 4 or more weeks program of ESL Training


The Go Global Program is designed for International Schools to send a minimum of 15 students to our campus to learn and be immersed in an English Program.

Having been ranked a top premier undergraduate university in Canada for over 17 years, the Mount Allison University campus provides ideal academic settings for students to immerse themselves in the English language, and to thrive in the student-centered Canadian learning environment.

We create amazing indoor and outdoor learning environments for high school students who are studying outside Canada. Our programs are carefully designed, supervised, safe, challenging, and innovative. They also have the opportunity to go beyond the campus, as our classroom travels and stretches to everywhere that the students visit — lakes, parks, forests, beaches, concerts, and the many other places shown on our program itineraries. We like to stimulate the imagination and creativity of our students, and we know the inspiration will last a lifetime!

To register, or to get a sample schedule of events with pricing, please send us an e-mail at summer@mta.ca.