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Strengthening the Mount Allison tradition of reflective learningdaysofcaring
Immersive learning, coupled with deep reflection, has long been a hallmark of a Mount Allison education. We're here to help support that tradition and encourage innovative teaching approaches.

We partner with faculty who want to weave experiential learning opportunities into their courses. We also provide career development services tailored to academic discipline

What do we mean by experiential learning?

As defined by the 2016 ad hoc committee report: Experiential learning as understood and practiced at Mount Allison University is a type of authentic learning characterized by mindful participation in an experience, whereby students apply and practice concepts in relevant contexts, settings, or communities, and through structured reflection, develop their skills, knowledge, and values.

Experiential learning can happen inside or outside the classroom. It may or may not include exposure to a workplace, but it always includes a guided reflection process.

Funding to support faculty initiatives

The Faculty Curricular Grant ($500-$1,000)

Purpose: To support experiential opportunities embedded in courses. Can take place on and off campus and funds should be used to increase access for students. Due to funding sources there are two forms, one for activities within New Brunswick and one for those outside of New Brunswick. Projects taking place in NB will be given preference. Projects outside of the province will be considered if funding allows.
Deadline: Rolling deadline until funds are expended.
Application Form - Activities within the province New Brunswick  

Application Form - Activities outside the province of New Brunswick
The Experiential Learning Faculty Incentive Fund (up to $15,000)
Purpose: The Experiential Learning Faculty Incentive Fund encourages partnerships between faculty members and employers or community partners operating in New Brunswick. This funding should be used to expand existing partnerships or identify and connect undergraduate university students to tailored work integrated learning opportunities related to their chosen field of study. The overarching goal is to create incremental growth in opportunities, and to build capacity and sustainability.
Deadline: January 30, 2020 to MTA Internal adjudication will take place before being forwarded to external committee.
Restriction: Must be with a partner in the province of NB.
Application Form
Community Partnership Grant (up to $25,000)
Purpose: To provide funding to employer groups and/or sectors to build capacity and enhance the interest of its members to invest in valuable experiential learning opportunities within their organization connecting them with university students across the province. This proposal is to be made by an outside organization. Ideal if you have a community partner looking to strengthen relationship with the institution. If you know of a partner submitting a proposal please let the Experiential Learning Office know at
Deadline: June 10, 2019 to
Restriction: Must be with a partner in the province of NB
Application Form


Here are just some of the ways we can help you engage your students and prepare them for a future beyond Mount Allison.  outsidescience

  • Share resources on competency-based learning and structured reflection
  • Make connections with employers and community partners
  • Organize career development events for your discipline
  • Develop internships for students in your discipline
  • Connect you with other faculty interested in experiential education
  • Deliver classroom presentations related to career development

We're eager to hear about your adventures in experiential learning and to support you and your students in any way we can.