Connect with your future workforce

Students in lab

We offer multiple ways for you to promote your organization on campus — and would love to connect you with our students.


Hire an intern

We place students from all degree programs in a wide variety of organizations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Internships can take place as full-time positions in the summer or part-time positions during the academic year.

Post a job opportunity

We'll share your opening with students via our online job board and social media.  We can share links to your posting or a .pdf job description. Please include:

  • Job title
  • Type of position (full-time, permanent, summer, or part-time)
  • Job description
  • Closing date for applications

E-mail your posting to

Booth at a career fair

We hold a career fair in October and a summer employment fair in February. There will be a virtual career fair in February.  

Deliver a presentation about your organization

We're happy to provide opportunities for you to deliver an information session or hold a networking event. We can book you a room on campus or an information table in the Student Centre. E-mail us at with your idea. 



Supporting successful students working from home   


The Office of Experiential Learning is working with employers to give students the best summer experience possible. Due to COVID-19, onboarding students and working remotely is a new reality for most. Many university students are new to the workforce and have not had remote work experience. If you have any questions or require any support in developing a plan, please reach out to

Student will have a variety of questions and you should consider carefully what might work best for your organization. We encourage our employer partners to consider the following:

        Is there an individual that can be contacted in the instance that an immediate response is required for an urgent matter?

        Is there an expectation that students need to respond to emails that come after hours?

      Managing work
        Will there continue to be typical working hours from 9am-5pm or is there flexibility?

        Tracking progress
        How will time be logged to ensure accountability for your employee's work?

        Technology and resources
        Will there be instructions to help guide students through using new technology? (i.e. how to connect to the VPN, navigate file servers,
        or use Teams appropriately)


Resources to help transition to working remotely
    Provided by Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada)
          Tips for On-boarding Students Remotely
          Tips for supervising Students Remotely
          Tips for Working from home - for employees  


More Resources

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