Campus Card Mount AllisonYour campus card is more than just a student ID

Your campus card can be used to load Mountie Money for use around campus, and much more.

Where to use your card:

  • Access to you meal plan
  • Printing & copying around campus
  • Purchases at the bookstore
  • Services at the library and library fees
  • Residence access
  • Access to the fitness centre
  • Photo ID for exams

Where to load your card and access your account information:

  • Online: load your Mountie Money online. You will need a Visa/Mastercard and your student/staff ID. The first time your log on your ID and PIN# are your student/staff ID #
  • Library: there is a ATM card loader at the library that accepts $5, $10, and $20
  • Bookstore: load your card using cash/debit/credit card

What to do if you lose your card or your card has stopped working:

  • Log onto your online account and suspend your card
  • Visit the bookstore to request a replacement card. There is a $25 replacement fee for all lost or damaged cards.

What happens to the money on your campus card if you leave campus. 

  • All funds added to your card, remain on your card while you are a registered student at Mount Allison University.
  • If you would like to remove your funds from your campus card, please contact financial services. There is a $5 service fee for all refund requests.

Conditions of use: 

  • Do not tamper with the picture, information, or chip.
  • Do not dent, chip, bend or punch holes in your card. The campus card has small wiring that runs inside the card to make the chip work. If any of the wiring gets broken your card will not work.  You will then need to request a replacement card. The fee for replacement cards is $25.
  • Do not put your card near, water, heat, or magnetic fields.
  • Do not use your card as a window scraper.
  • Do not lend your card to anyone. Both the student loaning the card and the student attempting to use the card will face possible charges under the judicial system.


  • In person: visit the bookstore located in the Wallace McCain Student Centre.
  • By email: contact Housing Services (