Health Insurance for International Students 

Full-Time Students 

All full-time international students attending Mount Allison are automatically enrolled in the Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) insurance plans and charged accordingly (please see Section 6.12.6 of the academic calendar). Students have the option of opting out of the basic medical and extended health plans if they provide proof of alternative coverage prior to the opt-out date each academic year.  No proof is required to opt out of the dental plan.  

PLEASE NOTE: International students at Mount Allison who are studying full-time in a program that leads to a degree are now eligible to apply for New Brunswick provincial Medicare coverage.  Visit the Government of New Brunswick website for full details.  New students attending International Orientation will have the opportunity to complete and submit their Medicare application. Workshops will also be offered throughout the year to help students with the application process.  Once approved, students are able to present their Medicare card to MASU to opt out of the basic medical insurance plan (if presented by the opt-out date set for each term).


Visiting Students (Exchange & Free-Moving) 

Visiting students are automatically enrolled in the MASU insurance plans and the costs are added in with their student fees in their Mount Allison connect account. Please note, the cost of insurance (see below) will be pro-rated for visiting students to account for the time they spend in Canada.

MASU Health Insurance Plans

The Mount Allison Students' Union (MASU) is responsible for the administration of health insurance policies for all Mount Allison students.   There are three components of MASU insurance coverage: 

  • an international student basic medical plan 
  • an extended health plan 
  • a dental plan 

For a complete description of what each plan covers, please visit the MASU website

2018-2019 MASU Insurance Plan Costs 

Coverage: August 2019 - September 1, 2020
Mandatory international student medical plan — $710 
Mandatory extended health plan — $200 
Optional dental plan  — $130  

All questions regarding the MASU health insurance policies should be directed to the insurance plan administrator at