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What are you doing next year?

From September, I will be starting my Master’s in Art Conservation at Queen’s University. Queen’s is the only Canadian university offering a Master's program in Art Conservation. Out of the three different specialties of art conservation; paper, painting, and artifact, I will be enrolled in the artifact treatment stream. 

What are your long-term goals?

My ultimate goal is to become an archaeological conservator who works on the site. After completing the program, I would like to build my experience as a trainee in on-site and first-aid conservation of cultural heritage. 

What sparked your interest in art conservation?

Honestly, until my third year, I didn't even know what art conservation was. During the summer following my third year, I had the chance to participate in my very first archaeological conservation program in Macedonia. This three-week program became a life-changing experience for me. Through this experience, I realized the significance of art conservation in bridging the past, present, and the future. I see great value in art conservation as a practice, and am excited about the prospect of art conservation as a career.

How has your time at Mount Allison prepared you for this program?

Every single moment was valuable: living in a different country, learning in a different language, exchanging different cultures, and meeting great professors. Most notably, in my time at Mount Allison I had the opportunity to intern at the conservation lab of the Owens Art Gallery. I worked as a student intern with the gallery for two years under the supervision of Jane Tisdale, the Fine Arts Conservator at the Owens. Jane also went to Queen’s to study art conservation! Through this internship, I gained practical experience in the preservation and treatment of art works, and was also introduced to art conservation issues and practices. Last year, I cleaned a large damaged gilded frame from the Owens Art gallery’s collection. It's rare for an undergraduate student to have such an opportunity. Working in a conservation lab confirmed my passion for art conservation.

What else were you involved in during your time at Mount Allison?

I volunteered with the Owens Art Gallery, did costume design for the University's drama department, interned at the Sackville Town Office, and traveled to Pompeii to partake in MtA's collaborative archaeological field school: The Venus Pompeiana Project.

What made you choose to come to Mount Allison in the first place?

Living in a different country had been always my big dream since I was little. I wanted to see outside of Japan. Mount Allison's international admissions counselor visited my high-school each year, allowing me to learn more about the University. These sessions made my decision to go to Mount Allison an easy one. 

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