The Mount Allison University crest declares that religion is a central part of university life.

Mount Allison ChapelIt affirms that there is more to university than the gathering of knowledge — this is a place to be awakened to the deep mysteries of life, to be opened to the world around us, to be challenged in new and different ways. University is a place to seek, to learn, to grow, to look within, and to look beyond oneself.  This is to engage in a religious, or spiritual pilgrimage. However we describe our faith, it guides our journey and is changed by our journey here.

Different groups and opportunities reflect the commitment to spiritual nurture as part of the development of the whole person. The Chapel hosts Sunday evening worship during the academic term. The service, called Vespers (meaning evening prayer), marks the transition from daytime to darkness and offers opportunity to reflect with others in music and prayer. Vespers fosters the development of both an openness to the divine presence and to others in community.

Student groups and Chapel-based activities include an evangelical Christian group, a Muslim prayer group, a Jewish students’ society, Quaker worship, and a meditation group.