Working at Mount Allison provides the opportunity to be an important part of the ongoing success of the institution - as an employee your work can and will make a difference!  Our reputation as an educational institution is strong and well-known but this is not an institution that rests on its laurels - at MtA we continue to strive to innovate and to make strategic improvements at every level.

At Mount Allison, you will never feel like simply a cog in a giant machine.  We recognize that people can accomplish great things both individually and as a member of a team.  We count on the belief that our employees want to make a meaningful contribution not only to the 'functioning' of the University but also to its continuous improvement.  We hire employees with that in mind and we promote employees with that in mind. 

Because we are small there are many opportunities for employees to be involved in the larger university community and to apply their skills and experience outside of their regular role.  Examples include cross-departmental projects and initiatives, participation in search committees, and sharing your skills with our students through co-curricular activities.  Our commitment to the importance of quality education extends not just to our students but also to our employees.  Professional development initiatives, our e-Learning program and a tuition fee discount policy are but a few examples of the opportunities available to contribute towards your professional and personal development.