Alumni Board


Two-year term | Flexible |

In co-operation with the Director of Alumni Relations and executive committee, the President provides overall leadership and direction for the Alumni Board and the Alumni Association.

Past President

Two-year term | Flexible |

The Past President provides leadership, guidance, and oversight to the Board, and helps to transition the new President into their role, as well as chair the awards and nominating committees.

Honorary President

Two-year term | Flexible |

The specific duties and responsibilities of the Honorary President within the Alumni Board are discretionary. The President and Honorary President will work together and develop a role which is consistent with the objectives and priorities of the Board and the specific interests and talents of the Honorary President.

Vice-President & Secretary

Two-year tearm | Flexible |

Duties of the Vice-President include assisting the President and the Director of Alumni Relations in planning and organizing the meetings, activities, and functions of the Alumni Board.

Director (12 positions)

Three-year term | Flexible |

Individual directors are the strength of the Alumni Board, and carry out a variety of tasks through their roles. Position availability varies depending on the terms of current members.