A Mount Allison student works on a physics experiment.

Physics seeks to describe the nature of the physical world. It includes the study of everything from subatomic particles to the essence of the universe as a whole.

Physics plays a central role in most technological developments in the modern world, as well as in the theoretical foundation for most other areas of science.

Program overview

Introductory physics involves a combination of mini-lectures, lab work, and collaborative learning experiences.

The experiential lab features computer-interfaced experiments and multimedia support.

In upper years, you may choose to pursue studies in subjects like:

  • astrophysics
  • quantum mechanics
  • electronics
  • medical physics
  • nuclei and fundamental particles
  • solid state physics

You are encouraged to carry out independent research through work on your thesis or summer projects and to become involved in faculty research as research assistants.

Physics is available as an honours, major, or minor. It can also be combined with other disciplines to complete an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science.

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