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Image from D'Arcy Wilson: the Memorialist 

D'Arcy Wilson: The Memorialist

4 November to 11 December

A pseudo-documentary project which resurrects the little-known historical fact that Halifax was home to the first North American zoo. Combining interviews, field recordings, performance, animation, and a large-scale diorama constructed out of delicate gouache drawings, Wilson highlights the problematic connection between people and wildlife, and the transformation of the animal into spectacle. This project sits at a crossroads of media that includes the lecture as performance art, while still considering artistic practice’s ability to resolve itself in the gallery through installation. A blog site updated with drawings, text, artefacts, and photographic field notes presents the research as a performance itself, allowing the project to reach a broad audience. A publication with essay by guest-writer Felicty Tayler will document the exhibition.


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