Mount Allison provides a host of academic resources to help with your transition to university.

Whatever your need, you will find uniquely personal programs or services with one-on-one support to make your university experience a success.

Mount Allison students in the Meighen Centre for Learning Assistance and Research.Academic advising

  • Course selection and course load
  • Degree audits and program planning
  • Clarification of academic requirements, policies, and procedures
  • For more information contact our academic advisor:; 506-364-3200

Academic support services

  • Academic Skills Workshops
  • Writing Resource Centre
  • Math Resource Centre
  • ESL/EAL Writing Tutoring
  • Assistance with communicating ideas
  • Help with the completion of assignments
  • For more information contact our coordinator of academic support service:; 506-364-2169

Meighen Centre for Learning Assistance and Research 

  • Services for students with all types of disabilities, including learning disabilities and accessibility services
  • Academic support, such as adaptive software, note taking, peer tutors, writing assistance, and proofreading
  • Personal, financial, academic, and career counselling
  • For more information, visit the Meighen Centre website.

We also offer student resources to support your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being such as career advising, counselling services, on-campus employment, etc. To find out more, see campus resources.