2017-18 admission dates

Oct.1: Application opens
The application for admission for the '2018-19 academic year' opens. Students may apply for early admission with a final Grade 11 transcript at this time. For more details, see apply online

Oct. 13: Fall Open House
Fall Open House

Nov. 2: Residence application opens
Residence application opens. For more details, see apply to residence

January/February: Mid-year transcripts submission
Students who have not yet applied can do so with mid-year transcripts. Students who have already been offered early admission should submit mid-year transcript for entrance scholarship consideration

March 1: Scholarship and bursary deadline
Your admission application, a mid-year transcript, and your scholarship application must be received by this date. The scholarship application is available on the secured student network site Connect@MTA. Access will be granted at time of admission. For more details, see Costs & Financial Aid

March 2: Spring Open House
Spring Open House

March 5: Residence early-bird deadline
Residence early-bird deadline is for advanced room assignments. Receipt of your $100 registration deposit, residence application, and $500 residence deposit by this date will provide you your room assignment in advance. For more details, see apply to residence

May 4: Registration deposit and residence deposit due
$100 registration deposit is due, unless otherwise noted on your offer of admission. Also $500 residence deposit due. For information on how to pay deposits, see fee payment

May 14: Course registration opens
Course registration opens for new students. For help with course registration, see RegHelp

July: Final transcript due
Official final transcripts are due, sent directly from issuing institution