Residence, the best years of your life!

Attending University is an amazing adventure that starts in residence. You meet the most incredible people where you are a part of a vibrant social scene and quickly and easily develop a social circle of friends.

Life is convenient when you are just steps away from classes, dining hall, and all other campus amenities. Imagine no dishes to wash, getting up just minutes before class, and being in the centre of the university buzz. 

The opportunities for leadership and to participate in a wide variety of activities including sports are foundational in residence. Academic success is also an important issue in residence. There are built-in support systems including dons, residence assistants, assistant dons, academic mentors, and house executive who are highly trained to maintain your residence with a balance of activity and peace and quiet for studying and sleeping. 

Experience the adventure! Come join us!

Residences at Mount Allison

Our seven residences offer a perfect introduction to Mount Allison. All have common lounges, kitchens, study rooms, laundry facilities, high speed and wireless internet, cable TV, and phone hook-ups in each room, as well as parking, residence staff, and a meal plan. All residences are on campus and close to academic and athletic facilities. Our residences are co-ed and vary from room to room or wing to wing.

Typical room furnishings are:

  • bed
  • desk
  • chair
  • closet
  • mini fridge
  • lighting
  • shelving

Windsor, Harper, and Campbell Halls are equipped with elevators and all residences are a short walk from downtown Sackville.

A Residence Life Handbook is currently in review and will be up by August.  Check back here for the published handbook then with tons of information regarding residence living.  In the mean time, the Housing Site has a fabulous resource section and we recommend you go check it out!

For more information about our meal plan, please visit dining services.


Residence staff

Moving into a new community and a new way of living can be both exciting and nerve-racking. For these reasons, the residence community has been designed to make the transition as smooth as possible. Residence staff live in residence and are available to residence students on a daily basis.

Each residence includes:

  • Residence dons: Living in apartments within each residence building, the don(s) are adults there to ensure students are supported by providing guidance and advice. Find out more about residence dons.
  • Assistant dons: Upper-year students in residences that look after a team of resident assistants to ensure safety and well being of all students living in the same building as them. Find out more about assistant dons.
  • Residence assistants: Upper-year students employed by the University to assist the don(s) in providing a positive living environment for students through maintaining residence community standards. Find out more about residence assistants.
  • Academic mentors: Assist students with the academic resources necessary to make a successful transition to university life. Find out more about academic mentors.


Residence governance

One of the many aspects of residence life unique to Mount Allison is our in-residence governance system.

Each residence has their own peer-elected body of residence executives which are responsible for the representation of the house in the larger MtA community, planning various social events throughout the year, and encouraging support of the house's adopted varsity sports team.

These residence executive teams are typically comprised of a house president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, and co-social chairs. Many residences also have a house council with options for other residents of the house to sit on.

For specific student-run websites, please visit the Housing Webpage.