At Mount Allison, we pride ourselves on excellence in everything we do and Orientation is no exception.

Our Orientation chair and their team of more than 60 students, affectionately dubbed White & Yellow Shirts, are committed to making your first week here one you'll remember long after your university career is finished.

It is the beginning of some very powerful friendships, an opportunity to evaluate your own identity, and a chance to grow more independent as a young adult. As such, we provide you with an extremely busy week, full of great orientation activities that include concerts (Classified, Joel Plaskett, Hey Rosetta!, etc.), BBQs, semi-formal events, a first-year banquet, hypnotists, DJs, relay races, and plenty more!

Each year, a new Orientation theme and website are created and made available to students in August.


Fall Orientation

Students new to Mount Allison University are invited to move in to residence almost a week before classes begin in September to participate in orientation activities. All events planned are designed to help new students orient themselves on campus, bond with their fellow first years, and understand the inner-workings of their residence and the university itself. Both on and off-campus new students are invited to our large variety of events. There is something for everyone!  Please visit Orientation to find out more.


Winter Orientation

Not all students new to Mount Allison arrive during the first semester. Our University also welcomes those students who arrive on campus for the first time in January. Winter Orientation activities are planned to mirror the goal of Fall Orientation activities. Students will will meet and engage with other new students through welcome events, information sessions, and off-site trips. For more information about this year's Winter Orientation schedule and how to register, visit the Winter Orientation page. 

Mature student Orientation

While many students arriving at Mount Allison are in their late teenage years, we also have a population of older, mature students as well. We have the option of an orientation for students 22+.

Please contact Student Life for more information.

Orientation chair

Each year Mount Allison Student Life, along with the Mount Allison Students' Union, hire a student over the summer months to facilitate and organize Orientation activities for all incoming students. This individual works closely with Student Life and other departments within our University to ensure an informative, safe, and fun first week for all students.

Do you think you've got what it takes to co-ordinate multiple large-scale events for over 600 new students during Orientation Week? Do you have strong communication and organization skills? Are you able to work well under pressure? If you are up for this rewarding and challenging position, please consider applying! This is a paid summer position for full-time students. Please contact Student Life for more information.

Click here for a full job description

Application forms available by clicking here.

Orientation committee

The Orientation chair does not undertake the daunting task of planning Orientation Week alone. The Orientation committee members are the Orientation chair's immediate planning committee, who arrive on campus a week before the new students. This group hits the ground running and are immediately prepping and perfecting the incredible line up of events. This is a volunteer position.

Application forms available by clicking here.

Student ambassadors

With so many new incoming students each year, planned Orientation events could only be successful with copious amounts of student volunteers. These student volunteers arrive the day before new students at the end of the summer ready to impart their knowledge of the unwritten norms of our campus. Each student ambassador will be assigned a group of approximately 10 new students to help guide through Orientation Week and answer any questions that they may have.

Application forms available by clicking here