Field Trips and Visiting Speakers

MontrealField trips to boardrooms and businesses around the country and across North America enhance the learning experience for Mount Allison commerce students.  Students have travelled to Toronto’s Bay Street as part of their investment class, to Montreal for the John Molson Sports Marketing Conference, and have visited New York and Boston as part of the program. Through these trips, senior Commerce students have had the opportunity to meet with business leaders in their corporate boardrooms and on their factory floors. Experts in various business fields also share their knowledge and experience with students on campus as visiting speakers, through videoconferencing, as guest lecturers, and as judges for in-class competitions.

 Mount Allison Commerce students meet with top Toronto executives

Twenty Mount Allison commerce students from the Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies travelled to Toronto in March to visit a number of businesses across a diverse array of industries. These organizations each had a connection to Mount Allison, usually through alumni that now work there.