What is it?
The Business of Science Workshop is a collaborative effort between the Mount Allison Commerce and Science communities in an effort to engage both business and science students in developing an appreciation of the opposite discipline and helping them to realize the entrepreneurial possibilities when the disciplines are combined. The core idea of the workshop is to allow student teams of mixed disciplines the chance to evaluate current research being done by Mount Allison professors and propose possible models for the commercialization of their research into specific products or businesses. Through the incorporation of local entrepreneurs in the fields of business and science as guest speakers the hope is to provide students with a first hand view at the success possible when science and business are brought together.

When is it?
The Business of Science workshop will begin on Friday, Sept. 14 and end Sunday, Sept. 16. Exact times still to be determined.

Where is it?
The entire workshop will take place on the Mount Allison campus in the Avard-Dixon Building.